Aldi is selling mats, toys, and bowls to keep your pets cool during the heatwave

The weather is staying warm, and those of us with gardens or balconies will likely be making the most of it.

But spare a thought for your pets who, even if they love sunbathing, might overheat in the inclement weather.

There are lots of ways to cool down your pet, including letting them play in a paddling pool and making sure there are lots of shady areas for them to hide away in.

Aldi’s new Special Buys range has plenty of added extras that can brighten up your garden as well as keeping them chilled.

On sale from today, the pet range includes cooling mats and toys, as well as bowls that ensure their food and water stays at the right temperature.

The cooling mats start from £4.99, and don’t need to be frozen to work. They’re filled with gel so they stay chilled regardless, as well as being easily wiped clean with pet-safe disinfectant.

As for the bowls, these cost £2.99. Pop the inner area of the bowl in the freezer for a few hours and it’s ready to be filled.

The supermarket is also stocking a whole host of toys that can be filled with water and frozen, giving your pet hours of summertime fun.

Cooling items are a popular choice for many pet owners, with extra furry pets showing signs of overheating when the mercury hits the high twenties and beyond.

Cooling mats are a great choice, but you can also buy various clothing items like bandanas and vests that are wet, put in the fridge, and popped onto your dog when they’re outside.

The Blue Cross also recommend using cold (not freezing) water to wet your dog’s fur in warm weather and place them in a draughty and shady area.

You should also try to walk your dog out of the midday sun and as ever never leave them alone in hot cars.

If the pavement is too hot for your hands, it’ll be too hot for your paws. That means, on days when it’s extra hot, perhaps it’s best to switch to brain games and running around on grass instead for stimulation.

Ensure you have lots of fresh water for your pets in the heat, and keep an eye on signs of heatstroke so you can call a vet immediately if you suspect it.

Signs of heatstroke include collapse, excessive panting, and dribbling, and it can be fatal in some dogs, so prevention is always better than cure.